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Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Throughout the present Covid-19 pandemic, while most businesses were forced to close, CVR’s Janitorial Staff have been coming to work every day and doing their jobs with little concern for their own health and safety.  They know they are an integral part of the front-line defense we all hear about every day.

CVR’s personnel have been diligently maintaining the cleanliness and sanitary conditions at National Guard facilities, Police Departments, State Offices and various Municipalities within Monmouth and Ocean counties, where ‘essential personnel’ count on the regular disinfecting of their work environments to help protect them from the spread of this virus.

With your business now closed for weeks, the dust and cobwebs alone that have been left unattended will require a thorough cleaning of the facility before you start to bring Staff and Customers back.  Disinfecting of all furniture and equipment will also need to be in your plans.

CVR can help eliminate this troublesome aspect of getting your business back up and running during these difficult times.  We can provide Deep Cleaning and/or a full Disinfection service of your premises.

We have the willing Staff, the Equipment and have access to all of the necessary Disinfecting Solutions approved and recommended by the CDC, EPA and OSHA.   No matter what type of business, we can match the right products to the situation.

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