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Supported Employment

Individuals entering into our Supported Employment Program are assessed based on their needs and goals. CVR's Employment Specialists prepare an intake which establishes the individuals plan for placement into competitive employment.

Our Employment Specialists provide interviewing skills, resume design, cover letter design, job search, job sampling, soft skills, light computer training and transportation training.

Once an individual is placed into competitive employment in the community the Employment Specialist provides intensive job training allowing the individual to become comfortable at their position. CVR provides Long Term Follow-Along for persons that may need on-going support for the duration of their employment.

 CVR's Employment Specialists are trained through the Boggs Center, Rutgers University and UMDNJ.



In today's competitive business environment, CVR provides job placement services to people with disabilities, including continuous, long-term support that keeps the employees and employers motivated and satisfied.


Transitional training programs help people find and keep gratifying jobs. CVR staff evaluate employers' needs and find capable, reliable employees to meet these needs.


Short-term employment services, including placement and on-the-job training, are also available. Like all CVR programs, job coaching services are designed to ensure the success of the employee and the satisfaction of the employer.


CVR transitional services are opportunities for students with disabilities to bridge the gap from school to work. Career planning, job placement, on-the-job- training, and follow-up services are all components of this program.

For more information about this program, please contact Maria De Seno, Vice President of Employment Services.

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