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(732) 544-1800 (ofc)
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General Information

CVR's Autism Academy provides the following:


  • 3:1 participant to staff ratio for lower cognitive abilities
  • 5:1 participant to staff ratio for moderate level abilities
  • 6:1 participant to staff ratio for higher level functioning abilities


Behavioral therapist, ABA trained staff, Counselor, Vocational Evaluator, on site VNA nurse, and Psychiatrist


Independent functional/daily living skills
Vocational skills/work skills:


Participants follow a curriculum given by Staff and the Individual's goals are focused around that. Skills are taught in a structured work session, natural environment, and small group instruction to transfer what they've learned to the home and community.


Our methods are ever-evolving because we are receptive to new approaches and our staff is always attending new trainings and workshops.


Specific services and supports may include:

  • Individualized service plans and assessments
  • Employment and Vocational Support
  • Counseling services
  • Behavior services
  • Life skills training, Daily living skills training
  • Sensory Integration, Gross Motor skills, and Fine motor skills development
  • Exercise/Yoga room
  • Socialization and Communication skills







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